I started my day as usual today, nothing so special, until I opened my Twitter app. There's a trend
going on on Twitter, the Om Telolet Om trend. Well, to whom that may not know, they'll get confused by that trend. But for me, as an Indonesian I definitely understand what Om Telolet Om means.

So, What's Om Telolet Om about?
Om Telolet Om is popular Indonesian meme. The Telolet word refers to the sound from Indonesian public busses' horn. It started getting popular months ago, when the Indonesian kids were fascinated by the horn's sound. They will wait for the busses come by the side of the highway/road, some are bringing papers written "Om Telolet Om" on it. Once the busses come, they'll wave their hands and shout "Om Telolet Om". The driver will somehow responds and honks the horn, while the kids will jump and joyfully cheer to express their gratitudes. The trend itself gets popular in Indonesia when Bismania (Busses Lovers) made videos of the event and uploaded it to social media. You'll find many videos about it on Youtube with such keyword.

What makes the trend hilarious?
It's getting a lot more entertaining when famous DJs like Zedd, Marshmello, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake and many more were tweeting about the trend. Other DJs who get confused by the trend made it even more popular. Didn't take long to make it trending worldwide on Twitter, as more and more people get involved. I don't know which DJ involved with the trend first, but as I learned it, the trend was started by Indonesian social media users, they mentioned and spread the words by spamming on people's comment section on Instagram. Indeed it caught some attentions, and moments later it sparked their curiosity.
We Indonesians find it amusing to watch this trend takes over the world. It comes right on time, when the more serious and joyless topics dominated our social media recently. The dividing topics like politics and religion things suddenly disappeared. People are rollicking together, with no political nor religious boundaries. This kinda situation is definitely captivating. Even a small, hillarious trend could make a difference. At least it gives us hope that we still can find similarity, that we can realize we're far more alike than we're different.