1. Vocabulary
Loaded with tons of vocabularies is a fundamental requirement to speak English fluently. Dictionary is one of the best source to find words, but you can enrich yourself with another fun ways :
- Find favorite English movies, songs, books, jokes, or anything you like
- Play some English puzzles, trivia, or words game. Don't forget to memorize the word and find it's definition
- Make a collection of words cards, grouped them into any categories
- Write and find the definition of every new word you find

2. Speaking
Speaking is the best way to apply your ability. No matter how bad our grammar is, if we are brave enough to test our skill, then do it. The point of speaking communication is to make both the speaker and listener understand what's the speaker talks about. Communicate with native speaker is an exciting challenge to test our skill ;)

3. Grammar
Grammar is the whole structural rules of languages in general. Grammar is about the sentences structure, punctuation marks, phonology and semantics. It helps us to make our statement clearer and understandable. Learn and daily practice are the best way to improve our ability (: